Oralzym-S not only helps get your teeth whiter, but it also can cure your bad breath in conjunction with Oralzym-F

April 23, 2013, Featured in Complete Oral Care, 0 Comments

The mouth is the body’s primary entrance to our digestive organs and the bloodstream. For this reason – among many others – the mouth should be carefully cared for. Good oral care is vital to our health and vice versa. In fact, the plaque deposits from the pathogens in the mouth are the same types of plaque found in arterial walls in cardiovascular disease sufferers. Given the understanding that these ‘pathogens’ in the mouth swim through the bloodstream, it makes complete sense.

Bad breath, also known as Halitosis, is caused by a number of different factors. It may be the result of tooth decay or abscess, chronic gingivitis, disorders of the tonsils, smoking, improper diet and sinuses. Sometimes really bad breath, despite good oral care, comes from dysbiosis (the growth of abnormal …

Topical application of purified EGCG can effectively kill metastatic cancer cells

April 1, 2013, Featured in Cancer and Natural Medicines, 0 Comments

Much of the cancer chemopreventive properties of green tea are mediated by EGCG. Cancer cells survive by using multiple pathways. But EGCG is so powerful, it cuts those pathways off. Apparently, EGCG functions as a powerful antiangiogenic and antitumor agent and as a modulator of tumor cell response to chemotherapy. EGCG induces apoptosis and promotes cell growth arrest by altering the expression of cell cycle regulatory proteins, activating killer caspases, and suppressing oncogenic transcription factors and pluripotency maintain factors.

EGCG is also able to induce proteasome inhibition in whole cells. Since the inhibition of the proteasome blocks the activation of NF-kB, it is logical to conclude that proteasome inhibitors such as EGCG would have a strong therapeutic effect against cancer, lymphoma and leukemia….