At last, ’sleeping beauty’ in the skin is successfully awakened by Recellzym™

July 8, 2016, Featured in Anti-aging and beauty inside, 0 Comments

The cells of our bodies are in constant flux. The outer layers of our skin are replaced every few weeks. The epidermis is made of several distinct cell layers. These tissues undergo continual rejuvenation through homeostasis, and, in addition, they must be primed to undergo wound repair in response to injury. Stem cells in the epidermis have a crucial role in maintaining tissue homeostasis by providing new cells to replace those that are constantly lost during tissue turnover or following injury. Stem  cells are the ‘master cells’ of the body, with the remarkable capacity to become many different cell types. In healthy  individuals, skin integrity is maintained by epidermal stem cells which self-renew and generate daughter cells that undergo terminal  differentiation. These stem cells lose the ability to regenerate as we age and allow the skin to become wrinkled and lose its …