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Is cancer curable? Is someone ever really cured? Yes cancer is curable by natural medicine. Not only cancer but also autoimmune disease can be cured by enzymatic natural medicine not by modern medicine. It is true. This is the most powerful breakthrough discovery of our time. Herbalzym remedies are natural, scientifically proven way that can help balances our body and immune system. Over the past 10 years, extensive research and clinical experimentation has proven that Herbalzym remedies to be effective in addressing a wide range of conditions.

Cancer Remedy      

The cells in our bodies are constantly sending out and receiving signals, which allows for the smooth repair and replacement of tissues and other aspects of cell behavior. Communication takes place either indirectly, via exchange of messenger compounds such as hormones and growth factors, or directly, via cell-to-cell contact. Cancer cells are the descendants of a normal cell in which something has gone wrong. In this normal cell, some kind of internal or external stress causes a mix-up in its genetic code (its DNA). This event is said to “initiate” the cell to a precancerous state. After its DNA has been damaged, the cell withdraws from close communication with its neighboring cells. Interrupted cell-to-cell communication is a common result of DNA damage or other forms of cellular damage.

Characteristic of such malignancy-related activities is communication inside ecosystems between cells, ligands, receptor protein complexes, and signaling pathways as well as between ecosystems comprising the primary tumor, lymph node and distant metastasis, bone marrow and blood, and lymph circulation. Separated from the regulatory controls of its community, the communication between the tumor cells and the surrounding cells—the microenvironment—helps drive the process of tumor progression. So going from normal to benign, benign to malignant, malignant to metastatic is driven not just by what’s happening inside the tumor cell itself but by what’s happening around it. Let us say that the environment around this cell contains a promoting agent, which is a compound that stimulates cell proliferation. In response to the promoting agent, this precancerous cell divides to produce daughter cells, and these daughter cells divide to produce more daughter cells, and so on. All are proliferating only in response to the promoting agent. The promoting agent may be a chemical foreign to the body, or it could come from a natural process such as inflammation.

They also develop other characteristics that help assure survival, for example, the ability to evade the immune system, to mutate when faced with adverse conditions, and to induce the growth of new blood vessels through the process called angiogenesis. The immune surveillance theory hypothesizes that cancerous cells arise regularly but the body eliminates them before they become harmful to surrounding tissue; only those that evade surveillance develop into tumors. The cancer can weaken the immune system by spreading into the bone marrow where the cells that help fight infection are made. This happens most often in leukaemia or lymphoma. But it can happen with other cancers too. The cancer in the bone marrow stops the bone marrow making so many blood cells.

In short, they exhibit the two deadly characteristics of cancer: uncontrolled proliferation and uncontrolled spread. To be clear, not all cancers develop exactly as in the scenario above. This scenario is common, however, and within it lays the foundation for all our discussions on cancer inhibition. The flow of information leading to cell proliferation is mediated through abnormal gene expression is the most prominent feature, since such expression is central to the proliferation and malignant behavior of cancer cells. Abnormal gene expression results in one of four types of protein signals that assist proliferation or malignant behavior. From it, we can identify seven strategies for cancer inhibition. Keep in mind that natural compounds can be used to carry out each of these seven strategies and that the best results will be seen when all seven are used together. The seven strategies are as follows:

1. Inhibit abnormal expression of genes.

2. Inhibit abnormal signal transduction.

3. Encourage normal cell-to-cell communication.

4. Induce cancer cell cycle delay/arrest and apoptosis

5. Inhibit tumor angiogenesis, invasion and metastasis.

6. Alter the microenvironment of cancer stem cells.

7. Modulate the anti-tumor immune response.


Auto-immune Remedy

Our immune system functions as an information network and is comprised of a variety of biochemical substances. Such substances as cytokines, transfer factors, neuropeptide hormones and other infotides must be a state of dynamic equilibrium to communicate and function optimally. Both cancer and autoimmune disease are a failure of the immune system to function properly. What you may not realize is that they are actually two manifestations of the same problem. In this sense, they have the same cause. Contrary to popular belief, the cause of this failure in the immune system is no great mystery. In fact, it is a problem that we have created by modern living.

What exactly is “Immune Balance”?

“Immune balance is the ‘neutral gear’ of immune health that allows the body to respond most appropriately to the need to either boost or suppress immune function as needed.” The immune system, like most of the body, requires balance to function properly. T-helper 1 cells (Th1) and T-helper 2 cells (Th2) help regulate the body’s response to foreign invaders. Th1 uses white blood cells to go after viruses and cancer cells. Th2 immune cells use antibodies to go after bacteria. Normally, the body strikes a balance by switching back and forth between Th1 and Th2. In a person with an autoimmune disorder, one dominates and suppresses the other.  An overactive immune system is when the immune system misunderstands and responds to false signals and outside sources that aren’t actually out to get you, or it keeps fighting when it should rest.

Unintentional damage is done to the body’s otherwise healthy tissue as the response system attacks what it recognizes as a trigger for a defensive response but does not recognize that it is attacking itself. This is what’s known as an autoimmune reaction. Autoimmune responses are responsible in large part for the destructive symptoms and chronic inflammation occurs around tissues. We understand, for example, that the most common forms of thyroiditis, rheumatoid arthritis (RA), type1 diabetes, pernicious anemia, fibromyalgia, ulcerative colitis (UC), Crohn’s disease, vitiligo, pemphigus, lupus, multiple sclerosis (MS), scleroderma, and chronic encephalitis/epilepsy can occur if the immune system is overactive and begins to fight against itself.

Vitamin D deficiency, transfats, mercury and other heavy metals, sugar and processed foods, alcohol, drugs and chemicals, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, and stress are part of a modern lifestyle that can disrupt the Th1/Th2 balance. Th1 dominance in women is associated with autoimmunity and recurrent miscarriage in the first trimester of pregnancy. Additionally, children in the autism spectrum tend to be Th1 dominant. Besides autoimmunity, Th2 dominance is characterized by a tendency toward allergies, frequent colds and viral infections, and cancer.

How Does Immune Balance Differ from “Immune Boosters”?

Immune boosters are substances that stimulate the function of the immune system. However, in the case of some autoimmune disorders, allergies and inflammatory disease, the immune system is already overactive and may benefit from suppressing certain immune responses.

Maintaining the state of dynamic equilibrium requires the immune system to adjust constantly to changing circumstances. It can only adjust and respond to a changing environment if its cytokine communication pathways are intact and functional. Maintaining these pathways in the face of an ever changing environment is a process called “Immune Modulation.” Immunologists are only now recognizing that maintaining active immune modulation capability is the critical pathway to maintaining or regaining good health. Modulation, on the other hand, is the regulation of a system for the purpose of providing optimum function. Modulation moves the multiple systems towards a state of harmony and balance. The value of immune system  “modulation” for the recovery and maintenance of health cannot be overstated.

Immune modulation is a dynamic process that requires constant support. Evolutionary biochemistry has imbued our immune system with several overlapping protective tactics that can at least partially replace one another. Therefore, to give our immune system a maximum level of support so that it can seek its appropriate balance to protect us we have found in practice that we must support the re-establishment of information pathways in the immune system to allow the process of Immune Modulation to proceed effectively. This can be accomplished biochemically through appropriate supplementation of enzymatic herbal components, a combination of detoxification procedures, and sometimes immunochemical intervention.

The use of effective support for the process of Immune Modulation is highly indicated for everyone at this juncture in the continuing evolution of our bodies and our knowledge. Herbalzym is the first natural remedy in the world to reverse every major autoimmune disease without using IVIG, chemotherapy or steroids.

How Does HerbalZym Differ from Other Immune Support Products?

More than just an immune booster, the science surrounding HerbalZym shows that HerbalZym helps to maintain a balanced immune system. HerbalZym is not a single chemical, as are many immune support products on the market, but rather a complex bioactive  herbal extracts composed of beneficial metabolites together with herbal enzymes, fermented herbal compounds and antioxidants working together to modulate immune responses . When the human metabolism is correct, the body is in it’s perfect state. Metabolic balancing and detoxification are two of the benefits of HerbalZym. In addition, HerbalZymr has antioxidant properties that further support immune health by scavenging free radicals. 


* When considering any type of complementary treatment or alternative treatment, always consult with your physician first, as possible interactions could reduce your regimen’s efficacy.