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What is Herbalzym?

Herbalzym is an enzymatic fermented herbal extracts. Enzymes are among the oldest and newest agents used in herbal extracts processing; and with the new advances in biotechnology, promise to become even more important in the future.

The conventional approach to health sees the body as a set of separate parts, each needing their own separate treatments. Take a look at the way our medical system is organized – from cardiologists to dermatologists, we have a doctor for nearly every body part. But when it comes to health and healing, nature has a well-kept secret. There is no separation between body, mind and spirit. All of our body systems, thoughts and feelings are intricately connected in a brilliant harmony only nature could orchestrate. At Herbalzym, we develop each of our life-changing remedies using a whole-body philosophy.

The cells in our bodies are constantly sending out and receiving signals. But what if a cell fails to send out a signal at the proper time? Or what if a signal doesn’t reach its target? What if a target cell does not respond to a signal or a cell responds even though it has not received a signal? These are just a few ways in which cell communication can go wrong, resulting in disease. In fact, most diseases involve at least one breakdown in cell communication. Virtually all cancer and autoimmune diseases have, to a greater or lesser degree, an element of immune dysfunction that is central to the disease process.

The immune system is one of our primary and most critical systems and, among other things, helps to regulate our internal environment. We understand that tumor cells escape immune surveillance by becoming “invisible”. Characteristic of malignancy-related activities is communication inside ecosystems between cells, ligands, receptor protein complexes, and signaling pathways as well as between ecosystems comprising the primary tumor, lymph node and distant metastasis, bone marrow and blood, and lymph circulation.

Just as the planet is one interdependent biosphere, so is the body one living whole. That’s why we are not content to take the western medical approach adopted by so many natural products companies. Our goal is not to treat symptoms of imbalance, but imbalance itself. With just the right combination of healing herbs and therapeutic enzymes, we develop perfectly balanced, clinically effective treatment protocols. Not only is it highly effective for patients suffering from serious, chronic and degenerative disease, the substance also modulates immune function to a more effective level in healthy individuals.That is the secret of true health. That is Herbalzym.

Herbalzym’s R&D group located in Canada is dedicated to developing the viability of cultured herbal enzymes throughout the several stages of the process.                 

The methodological quality of clinical trials investigating herbal medicines has steadily improved over the years, and a greater proportion of trials use standardised extracts and are randomised, placebo-controlled prospective studies. However, the literature is replete with studies that show wide variations in clinical outcome for extracts made from the same medicinal herb. It is argued here that subtherapeutic levels of ‘active’ ingredients would even undermine studies with excellent methodological design and this may account for the wide variability in studies investigating the same medicinal herb. Although the recommendation for well-designed clinical studies is warranted and should be acted upon, the pharmacokinetic nature of an herbal extract is critical to the outcome of clinical trials.

Pharmaceutically equivalent extracts from different manufacturers may not necessarily be bioequivalent. The rate and extent of absorption and subsequent bioavailability of major components are markedly different following oral administration. Putative ‘active’ ingredients in herbal preparations must be absorbed following oral administration and reach the site of action in sufficient quantities to elicit a biological response. There are several pharmacokinetic studies about herbal component’s extremely low solubility and bioavailability, which means that most of what we swallow goes directly into our gastrointestinal area and is expelled. Very little remains in the bloodstream about an hour or so after ingestion. Active components must cross the intestinal barrier to facilitate bioavailability.  

Why is Herbalzym effective?

Natural substances are dependent on bioavailability to achieve the desired results. All too often, the benefits are not obtained because the normal digestive process degrades bioavailability, and typical carriers, if any are used, do not promote bioavailability.

  • Perfect solubility, bioavailability and pharmacokinetics of active components.
  • As the absorption is amazingly improved, its dose requirement is also reduced.
  • Contains therapeutic enzymes, bioactive components, peptides, minerals and vitamins generated during the biological enzymatic process.
  • Restore the proper immune system function and a healthful bacterial balance to the GI tract.
  • Biological catalysts that regulate the multitude of chemical reactions that occur in a living cell.
  • The purest natural ingredients with no fillers, preservatives or additives.

Why Did We Choose These Herbs?

  • Cancer Remedy: CurcuZym, GenisZym, ChemoZym, SinnolZym, CordyZym, GlugerZym, BroccoZym, BM-Zym (bitter melon-Zym)
  • Lung Cancer Remedy: LT (Lung-Tumor) Zym
  • Prostate Cancer Remedy: ProstaZym
  • Auto-immune Remedy: BosturZym, ButturZym, TheanZym, HydranZym, GinolZym
  • Oral Remedy: OralZym, OralZym-F
  • Genital Watrs, Cervical dysplasia: PapilloZym
  • Chronic Hepatitis B, Liver Cancer: HepaZym

These herbs were chosen primarily for their potential to modulate immune system with anti-inflammatory or specific anti-tumor effects, but also with consideration given to their safety, metabolism and bioavailability. There has been an explosion of interest in the use of therapeutic herbal components. Not only has the interest been among consumers, but also as subject of investigation among physicians and scientists. About 40% of the medicines available today are originally made from plants. There is also frustration with modern medicine’s inability to cure illness. Furthermore, the impersonal nature of technology and the rape of medicine by managed care lure people, with no surprise, to natural remedies. The good news is that as we learn more about herbal compositions, the more we know about what works and what doesn’t, and what may be worthless or even worse….harmful. There is the gift of healing, there are the natural healing processes, and there are the natural substances able to fuel the body’s natural healing process.

The benefits of Herbalzym range from immune modulation to cell rejuvenation

  • Metabolic relief instead of metabolic stress
  • Rejuvenates the natural production of enzymes
  • Restoration of healthy biomarkers
  • Decreased Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate
  • Decreased C-Reactive Protein (CRP) Levels
  • Decreased Circulating Immune Complex Levels
  • Normalization of Cytokine Levels
  • Normalization of Immunoglobulins (IgG, IgE, IgA, IgM)
  • Restore Normal Fibrinolytic Activity
  • Promote Amyloid Catabolism
  • Reverses under or overactive immune system symptoms
  • Fine-tuning immune surveillance
  • Reverses cell damage and promote rejuvenation of cellular health

Herbalzym-Production process

Fermentation is a process involving enzymes in which a compound rich in energy is broken down into simpler substances. It also is identified as a process in which large organic molecules (those containing hydrogen and carbon) are broken down into simpler molecules as the result of the action of microorganisms working anaerobically, or in the absence of oxygen.

The New enzymes generated when the herbal extracts ferments are named Herbalzym. It has created the world’s first and most critical enzyme activity and other properties. Herbalzym is very rich in variety of enzymes, peptides, amino acids, B-complex vitamins generated during enzymatic fermentation process.

What kind of process will the Herbalzym be made with? 
Please see below.