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Multidimensional immune support for year-round wellness

It’s time to supercharge your immune system

Hepazym™ is an immunomodulator of the potentiator type, which has demonstrated an enhancing effect on the function and number of various cells of the immune system in humans. Hepazym™ is designed to naturally build and provide long term support for healthy immune function and sound immune response, even while experiencing adrenal fatigue or stress. The human immune system, located mostly in our blood and digestive tract, is designed to identify and eliminate invaders. It does this by producing protective cells and compounds such as antibodies, T-cells, B-cells, macrophages, and Natural Killer cells.

Hepazym™ has been developed in research on viral pathogenesis and mechanistic insights into viral modulation of immune receptor signaling. Hepazym™ contains the latest research based formula of bio-active fermented 32 naturally-occurring compounds with therapeutic potential for immune system enhancement, modulation or anti-viral activity. Hepazym™ helps to maintain resistance to infection and defend against harmful pathogens and free radicals, protecting the cells from within. Hepazym™ has been independently tested in a ground-breaking international clinical trial with excellent results.

Natural supplements to boost and support your immune system work differently for different people. You might start to notice a difference from Hepazym™ very quickly within a few days. Hepazym™ is the best and the most effective supplement for immune system building. No other supplement shows the quick and consistent benefits that Hepazym™ does.

What is hepazym™?

  • Full Spectrum Synergistic Bioactive Compounds

  • Multidimensional immune support

  • Immune System Modulation

  • Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, Activity

  • Anti-Cancer, Anti-Oxidant Formula

Your immune system is your first line of defence against any viral or bacterial health challenge. So now more than ever, it makes sense to ensure that yours is healthy and functioning efficiently. In order to establish a successful infection, replicate and persist in the host, viruses have evolved numerous strategies to counter and evade host antiviral immune responses as well as exploit them for productive viral replication. These strategies include those that target immune receptor transmembrane signaling. Uncovering the exact molecular mechanisms underlying these critical points in viral pathogenesis will not only help us understand strategies used by viruses to escape from the host immune surveillance but also reveal new therapeutic targets for antiviral as well as immunomodulatory therapy.

Combining the Best of Nature and Science

Hepazym formulas combine ancient wisdom with modern science to provide multidimensional support for your immune system. Your body’s immune system is multidimensional—it needs multidimensional support—Hepazym.

  • To modulate inflammation, innate immune function, immune receptor signaling, and their potential as anti-viral interventions.
  • To increase natural killer cell activity, higher antioxidant levels, an improved ratio of immune helper cells to suppressor cells, and lower levels of undesirable immune complexes.
  • To support normal homocysteine conversion to methionine in the body, a key contributor to healthy cellular DNA methylation, important for regulating cell identity and growth and in maintaining optimal health.
  • To help fight free radicals in the body, supporting healthy cell and organ function.

Hepazym™ Ultimate Immune Health Formula

  • Contains a proprietary blend of organic wild mushrooms, immune molecules, botanical extracts, antioxidants, ionic plant based minerals and other specially selected micronutrients including SF-23, to provide broad spectrum immune support via multiple pathways: immune cell function support, immune cell metabolism support, methylation support and antioxidant support
  • Contains polysaccharides and 1-3, 1-6 beta glucans-clinically proven to enhance the immune system. Beta glucans stimulates the production and activity of macrophages and neutrophils – key components of the innate immune system.
  • Contains betaine, folic acid, vitamin B12 and naturally occurring methionine to support optimal DNA methylation, an important factor in regulating normal cell identity and growth
  • Contains L-theanine, an amino acid found in green tea, to support healthy gamma delta T cell presence in the body, important for proper immune function and host defense

Hepazym™ Unique systemic enzyme Formula

Enzymes are fascinating essential biological catalysts that are involved in almost every single process in the body. They initiate millions of chemical reactions every second in the human body. Hepazym™ contains a unique blend of systemic enzymes that supports the body’s natural inflammation response, and leads to increased flexibility and mobility and supports overall joint and tendon health as well.

Hepazym™ Ultimate Multi Probiotic Formula

Probiotics are living microflora that play a critical role in maintaining good health. Present in many foods, live probiotic cultures populate the intestinal tract where they play a positive role in digestive and immune health. Probiotics maximize the benefits of a healthy diet by supporting normal absorption and assimilation of nutrients in the gut. Certain probiotic blends help support normal gastrointestinal balance of good and potentially harmful bacteria, and promote regular bowel function.

In the presence of an adequately functioning hepatic gluconeogenesis probiotic therapy with high numbers of lactic acid bacteria improves the uptake of sugars. In the proximal part of the small bowel, especially the duodenum and the first part of the jejunum, the available digestible sugars are fermented at a high rate by the consumed probiotics. Next, instead of the sugars the bowel wall takes up the produced lactic acid. As soon as the lactic acid concentration in blood passes a threshold, the hepatic gluconeogenesis is activated. This means that the liver (i) removes lactic acid from blood, (ii) indirectly increases blood pH and intracellular pH, and (iii) increases the supply of energy-rich glucose into host cells, tissues and organs. Thus, insufficient intestinal sugar uptake can be bypassed by probiotic therapy.

  • The ultimate high potency, broad-spectrum probiotic formula, providing a 16 billion live cell count per day of 17 species of beneficial cultures including soil-based probiotics.
  • Supports normal intestinal comfort and function, and promotes healthy intestinal elimination regularity and consistency.
  • Helps maintain a healthy, balanced immune system which is beneficial to overall health.
  • Contains Bacillus subtilis to support healthy lactic acid bacteria (Bifidobacterium and/or Lactobacillus) count and healthy pH levels in the gut.
  • The Saccharomyces boulardii in Hepazym nourishes intestinal mucosa cells to support the normal barrier function of the intestinal epithelium, the front line for the body’s defense system.

Hepazym™ Ultimate Antioxidant Formula

  • Provides full doses of 21 synergistic powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants are compounds that render free radicals harmless and stop the chain reaction formation of new free radicals. The use of antioxidant dietary supplements at a maintenance level may provide the ultimate defense against premature aging and a compromised immune system.
  • Contains selenium which some scientific evidence suggests may reduce the risk of certain forms of cancer (although the FDA has determined this evidence to be limited and not conclusive). Selenium helps maintain optimal glutathione production, the body’s own antioxidant, and an important factor in immune health
  • Contains lycopene and bioflavonoids to help the body fight free radicals and support the healthy function of multiple cells and organs, including the prostate

Hepazym™ Ultimate digestion Formula

Enzymes are our most important, overlooked dietary components. When we eat raw foods, we consume the enzymes they contain, making them easier to digest. However, when we eat cooked or processed foods, the body is missing the food enzymes otherwise provided if the food were unprocessed. A great way to get the enzymes you need is to consume a diet high in “live” raw and fermented foods, and/or to supplement your diet with digestive enzymes such as those found in Hepazym™.

  • Hepazym™ is a natural way to support healthy digestion. Hepazym™ contains select ingredients designed to promote regularity, more complete digestion of foods you ingest, and soothing ingredients to promote stomach and intestinal health.
  • Hepazym™ ultimate digestion formula, supporting more complete digestion of food for gastrointestinal health, regularity and normal bowel function
  • Features a high potency, comprehensive formula that delivers highly active levels of a broad spectrum of 21 digestive enzymes
  • This unique liquid formula is more ready absorbed that hard-to-swallow tablets or chalky powders and is gentle enough to take daily in order to maintain healthy digestion.

Hepazym™ Ultimate Cleanse & Detox Formula

Three easy steps that gently work in synergy with the body’s own internal detoxification system to cleanse, capture, and remove toxins from the body. For those looking for the ultimate cleanse experience, raw has always represented the standard. Hepazym™ features enzymatic fermented ingredients that are designed to support your body’s natural digestive and detoxification systems. Hepazym™ contains a USDA certified organic fiber supplement that naturally supports cleansing for a healthy digestive environment.

Hepazym™ bio-active fermented ingredients

Hepazym’s secret to delivering vital, living ingredients.

Why does Hepazym™ use fermentation?

Select ingredients are produced through the Hepazym™ proprietary fermentation process to make nutrients more available to the body. Fermentation is a natural method of concentrating raw food materials, and preserving them. The phytocompounds from the 32 of Hepazym™ ingredients are not only retained but enhanced, making them more easily absorbed by your body.

Unlike ordinary herb processing, fermentation also improves the overall nutritional value of  herbs adding new nutrients and making them easy to digest. More importantly, fermentation reduces toxins and anti-nutritive byproducts. This beneficial result is greatly facilitated when very pure plant enzymes are used in the fermentation process. The fermented phyto-dense formula of the 32 ingredients of Hepazym™ formula creates a unique mix of health benefits found in no other way. Fermented Hepazym™ also uniquely contributes to the growth of your helpful intestinal bacteria while inhibiting the growth of harmful intestinal bacteria.

Revolutionary fermentation developed from time-honored traditions

How Hepazym™ is made?

There is wisdom in time-honored traditions. To create for you the highest level of concentrated compounds, Hepazym™ is fermented under highly controlled processes. But this is no ordinary fermentation. When used in novel, new ways, the result can be revolutionary.

The Production Process

The following is a simple explanation of the steps and processes we take to ensure the quality of products.

Hepazym remedies

Multidimensional immune support at the onset

Hepazym™ has a direct anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-amoeba effect. This is important with all the new infectious diseases cropping up and the older ones becoming more virulent and mutation from long term use of antibiotics.

Hepazym™ has a powerful healing effect on chronic viral hepatitis, HPV infection (genital warts, cervical dysplasia), Herpes infections, AIDS, chronic fatigue syndrome, other chronic infections, multiple chemical exposures, viral cancer, heart disease, and many other immune system disorders. Hepazym™ is important with the ever-increasing number of infectious diseases that are gradually becoming resistant to multiple drugs.

Hepazym™ can also be part of your general wellness regimen. Not only can it build your body’s defense against all types of infections and diseases, it can also increase cardiovascular function, maintain digestive health, increase antioxidants, detox and cleanse the body of toxins, and bolster the nervous system.

  • Supports Anti-Pathogen Defences
  • Supports Immune System Enhancement
  • Supports Glutathione Production, the Body’s Own Antioxidant
  • Supports Free Radical Scavenging
  • Supports Body Cleansing and Detoxification
  • Supports Nasal, Sinus, Mouth, Throat and Respiratory Health
  • Reduces Occasional Sleep Disturbances
  • Supports Gut-Related Immune Function
  • Supports Anti-Inflammatory and Blood Sugar Normalization
  • Reduces Malaise and Fatigue
  • Supports the Mechanisms that Regulate the Body’s Temperature
  • Supports Oral Health and Maintains Healthy, Balanced Microflora in the Mouth

Your body’s immune system is multidimensional—it needs multidimensional support.

For over 10 years, Hepazym™ formula had been used with great success on so many terminally ill patients. It had been proven over and over again to be effective in clinical trials.

Natural immune support supplements work differently for different people. You might start to notice a difference from Hepazym™ very quickly within a few days. The powerful immune-building properties will stop constant adrenaline stress response, rebuild your core energy, cleanse the liver efficiently and safely keep your body healthy all year long.

Hepazym™ is the best and the most effective supplement for immune system building. No other supplement shows the quick and consistent benefits that Hepazym™ does. Hepazym™ is the one and only product in the world.   

Who should use Hepazym™?

  • People with viral hepatitis B and C, persistent HPV infection (genital warts, cervical dysplasia), Herpes infections, flu virus infections, HIV infection (AIDS), and viral cancers
  • People with weakened immune systems, allergies, bacterial infections, fungal infections and other critical infections
  • People with chronic stress, malaise, extreme fatigue, and excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS)
  • People with lowered attention, learning, memory, and thinking problems
  • People with digestive disorders, imbalanced gut flora, increased oxidative stress, and lowered detox function

Be cautious and prevent the rise of new super bacteria.

Super bacteria, also referred to as super bugs, are bacteria that have grown resistant to most antibiotics. When doctors prescribe the typical antibiotics for fighting an infection caused by super bacteria, the antibiotics usually fail to eradicate the bacteria. Instead, bacteria may actually thrive despite the medication, sometimes even killing the patient. To fight resistant bacteria, doctors often turn to even stronger antibiotics, but it seems that some super bacteria are developing the ability to thrive despite even the toughest antibiotic treatments. Keep this in mind. Avoid using any unnecessary antibiotics.

What’s the best way to eradicate super bacteria?

First, stop worrying about it. Our bodies do a great job at fighting the germ war for us! Immunotherapy with Hepazym may be the best way to protect people from infections, illnesses and even death caused by these new antibiotic-resistant super bacteria. It has been proven that Hepazym immunotherapy is safe and far more effective than strong antibiotics such as vancomycin, carbapenems and cephalosporins.