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ChemoZym contains an “adaptogenic” mixture of fermented herbal compounds including chemorine and phenolics in a synergistic proprietary formula designed to promote anti-cancer effects. Chemo drugs have tremendous side effects, including hair loss, skin problems, bone marrow failure, and nausea. Prolonged use of chemo drugs will also cause DNA damage in normal cells. Chemo drugs invariably induce their own biological resistance. You may hear statements like the “cancer chemotherapy failed.” When this occurs, the drugs will need to be changed. As a result, physicians feel it is necessary to kill the cancer/leukemia with high doses of the drugs from day one.

There are several possible reasons for chemotherapy resistance. The expression of the membrane protein p-glycoprotein is partially responsible for the resistance to a host of different chemo drugs. As soon as the drugs enter the cancer cells, p-glycoprotein pumps them out again. The development of drug resistance is one reason that drugs are often given in combination. If a cancer becomes resistant to one drug or group of drugs, it is more likely that the cancer may be resistant to other drugs. ChemoZym is designed to block the multi-drug resistance (MDR) associated with the use of these drugs. In simple terms, ChemoZym improves the clinical efficacy of these drugs. The more cancer cells that are killed in the early phase of treatment, the fewer problems with chemo drug induced resistance in the latter phases of treatment.

There are two major classes of membrane pumps that contribute to chemo drug resistance.

1. MDR-1. This gene produces p-glycoprotein. The MDR-1 gene is activated by prostaglandins produced by the induction of the Cox-2 enzyme. Cox-2 produced prostaglandins are well known to promote cancer cell growth, metastasis and angiogenesis.

2. MRP1. This gene family is not induced by Cox-2 produced prostaglandins. These genes are activated by the well known genetic factor AP-1.

Brain cancer is usually treated with surgery, radiation and chemotherapy in that order. Only small children are treated only with chemo drugs. The brain is protected by something called the brain blood barrier (BBB). This barrier is a special endothelial or blood vessel cell that promotes the uptake of certain molecules while rigidly excluding others. The BBB has several important functions:

  1. Protects the brain from “foreign substances” in the blood that may injure the brain.
  2. Protects the brain from hormones and neurotransmitters in the rest of the body.
  3. Maintains a constant environment for the brain.

Most chemo drugs cannot enter the brain. The BBB contains large numbers of p-glycoprotein pumps on the membrane of the brain endothelial cells which pumps the chemo drugs out as soon as they enter. In order to enter the brain, a molecule must enter the endothelial cell from the front and pass out the back into the brain. Protein pumps like p-glycoprotein prevent this from happening. The gene which produces p-glycoprotein, MDR1, is activated by Cox-2 derived prostaglandins (which increase the level of cyclic AMP within the cell). We can inhibit the synthesis of p-glycoprotein with ChemoZym. This will enhance the uptake of a host of chemo drugs into the brain. Once inside the brain, ChemoZym can prevent the overexpression of membrane pumps on the surface of cancer cells. This will largely prevent the development of chemo drug induced resistance.

Oncologists want to use large doses of drugs to treat cancer in the early phases. In the case of brain cancer, the drugs usually penetrate the brain poorly so they use even higher doses. These high dose protocols play havoc on the rest of the body. ChemoZym was designed to use a diversity of chemo drugs against brain cancer and to enhance their uptake into the brain. High doses are not necessary. If you can maintain a steady uptake of chemo drugs into the brain and prevent the establishment of resistance at the same time, you can kill the brain cancer cells without destroying the brain or the rest of the body, for that matter. Once the activity of p-glycoprotein pumps is at least somewhat inhibited, other natural anti-cancer medicines can gain access to the brain. ChemoZym also helps enhance physical and mental strength naturally and support the liver. ChemoZym is synergistic with CurcuZym, GenisZym and BroccoZym against cancer and leukemia.